About Me

My name is Michael Dube , I was born in Bulawayo on 14.03.1991 and I am an affiliate marketer and I have been doing this for four years now since 2012 I live in Zimbabwe with three kids and a wife, got married in 2014, I did my High school at Glen View 2 High and later went to RECO college to further my studies, thereafter discovered Internet Marketing and these other awesome ways to make money online

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Since then I have somehow managed to liberate myself financially  and although I have a day job, the methods that are in this website have helped me earn extra money that I may use to payout bills

I like to watch Movies a lot and attend affiliate webinars because that is were most of the affiliate training comes from Success in progress

So if you are really into making money online please take your time and read carefully because most people skiim well take your time and pay attention to the details